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Heart of India: Delhi

With a population of 25 million, Delhi is considered to be the capital city of India and one of the most populous, complex and photogenic cities in the world. This makes it a must for travelers to visit here.

Rumor has it that it was rumored that whoever founded the city would soon lose it. The fact that there are 8 cities established here that cannot survive shows us that this rumor has taken place. Let's get to know this extraordinary city a little more closely with our Delhi travel guide hazır

1- Delhi Travel Guide

Located between the Yamuna and Aravali rivers, Delhi has been a city of civilizations over the course of history. The country was last occupied by the British, where a city called New Delhi was founded in 1911.

Although the majority of the country believes in Hinduism, there is a section within the country that believes in Islam. In Delhi, which adopts Hindi as the official language, English is also spoken well by almost everyone, as English culture is also influential.

Delhi travel guide
New Delhi

Rupees are used as currency in the country. As of April 2018, the average value of the Turkish Lira is 16 Rupees. Step climate is dominated by high temperatures and frequent rainfall.

Finally, India implements a visa for Turkish citizens. Since you do not have a visa at the gate, you should go to the consulates and apply for a visa.

2- Things to Do in Delhi

In Delhi, which is preferred by many civilizations and beliefs, you can come across buildings and places of different cultures. Especially Hinduism and Islamic works are concentrated in the region.

Delhi travel guide
Red Fort

In Delhi, it is possible to see many works belonging to the British which he was under colony for many years. If you want to examine the details about the places you must see when you come to Delhi, we recommend you to take a look at our article on places to visit in Delhi.

3- Transportation in Delhi

Delhi is a very crowded city and transportation has been a big problem until recently. Although the locals of the city were accustomed to this situation, it was seen as a complete chaos for someone coming from outside.

Nowadays, especially in the city metro The transportation problem seems to have been solved thanks to the lines. Of course, you should still take care not to travel during business entry and exit times 🙂

Delhi travel guide
Delhi's classic means of transport: Rickshaw

In addition to the subway in the city bus flights are often preferred for transportation. If you want to experience a local transportation method rickshaw named three-wheel engines. It is useful to make sure that you do not eat piles because these engines usually do not have a taximeter.

4- Where to stay in Delhi

There are many different accommodation options in Delhi, but it is very important to choose a safe area to stay here because the city is so big. So if your budget is not too tight, you can choose 3 or 4 star hotels in the city in terms of both comfort and confidence.

For those looking for a safe zone in the city New Delhi, South Delhi, Connaught Place Such regions should be preferred as a priority.

5- Shopping in Delhi

Delhi is a very ideal area for affordable shopping. Here you can buy many different spices especially at very reasonable prices. In addition, handmade souvenirs and clothing products are also in high demand.

Delhi travel guide
One of Delhi's largest markets: Paharganj

Dilli Haat, Janpath and Tibetan Market, Paharganj, Chandi Chowk If you are looking for a regional shopping experience in the city, this is a must-visit.

6- Delhi Nightlife

Delhi travel guide
Nightlife in Delhi

Delhi, India's nightlife Mumbai is among the most important stops. Delhi’s city center At Connaught Place many bars and entertainment venues allow you to spend pleasant evenings in the city. You can spend a fun and different night with Indian music in these places and have the chance to have an unforgettable moment for your holiday.

7- What to Eat, Drink in Delhi?

Prepare yourself for dishes with plenty of spicy and sauce in Delhi. It is almost impossible to find something without sauce and spices here. It may be uncomfortable for those with a sensitive stomach, but for those who do not have a problem Cuisine of Delhi a culture to discover. Delhi's street delicacies are worth trying, but we need to say that hygiene is not enough.

Delhi travel guide
Spicy and sauce foods are consumed in Delhi

Among the indispensables of Delhi travel guide is one of the indispensable subject of eating and drinking. What to eat, drink and drink in Delhi for details of the delicacies you should try. You can read our article immediately. If Delhi's flavors are not for you, you can also consider the fast food chains in the city.

8- How to get to Delhi?

Advantageous for flights from Istanbul to Delhi to Turkey Flights to Delhi You can choose. Turkish Airlines You can reach Delhi after a 6-hour journey with direct flights. It is also one of the methods you can prefer to go to Delhi with connecting flights. Although these flights take a little longer, it may be preferable that they are about 200-300₺ more convenient.

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