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Kabul Attractions List | 9 Attractions

In Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, you can reach the most beautiful places to visit, historical places, art centers and more.

Asian continentGüzel The beautiful and sad city of Kabul gör places to see in Kabul We have compiled for you in our article.

# 1 Things to Do in Kabul

During the first of our list;

1- Darul Aman Palace

Kabul Attractions
Darul Aman Palace

The most you can see in Kabul Europe style building Darul Aman Palace Was built by Emanullah Khan in 1920s. The building, which was built in neo-classical style, was used as a residence by the sultans of the period.

According to the damage in the war in Afghanistan, the restoration of the structure does not benefit and today most of it is destroyed. Darul Aman Palace, where you can see the traces of the war, is 16 kilometers away from the capital, Kabul.

2- Gardens of Babur

Kabul Attractions
Mughal Gardens

It was built in Kabul in 1528 by Emperor Babur. Mughal Gardens The city has the most beautiful landscape point. In the garden that contains the tomb of Emperor Babür; elm, pomegranate trees, cherry tree, mulberry and apple the tree You can come across.

On time Mongolian The gardens, which were built for the princes to have a pleasant time and rest, are nowadays one of the popular spots that Afghan people stop by to get fresh air. You can visit Babür's Gardens from 7 am until sunset.

3- Kabul Museum

Kabul Attractions
Museum of Kabul

It was built by Emrullah Khan in 1922 Museum of Kabul'N, All the important artifacts found in different parts of the country are gathered together. The museum, which hosts more than 100.000 works, has become one of the most important points of the region.

Damaged during the wars in the city, the museum was sometimes deliberately damaged. The two-storey museum, which can be visited again after the editing works, is closed on Thursdays. 08:00 to 15:30 between the hours.

4- Kabul Zoo

Kabul Attractions
Kabul Zoo

Founded in 1967 along the banks of the Kabul River Kabul ZooThe city is home to the most charming animals in the garden. Pallas cat, pars cat, angut bird, lions, bears and bird species are available.

The zoo, which everyone loves visiting in Kabul, young and old, 6:00 to 6:00 p.m. between the hours.

5- Bala Hisar

Kabul Attractions
Bala Castle

M.S thought to be made in the 5th century Bala Hisar, It is one of the most visited places in Kabul today with its thick and long walls that have witnessed great wars.

Numerous tunnels and passages in the structure of the war-era items and machines used during the war are still exhibited in the ruins of the castle.

6- Qargha Dam Lake

Kabul Attractions
Qargha Dam Lake

Protected in 1933 Qarghna Lake, It is one of the attractive spots in Kabul that attracts those who want to escape the noise of the city. The cafes and restaurants around the lake, hotels, entertainment facilities, thanks to the opportunity to spend hours without bored when you visit here. You can visit the Qargha Dam Lake, which has been given a different beauty with the lighting, at any time and day.

7- Abdul Rahman Mosque

Kabul Attractions
Abdul Rahman Mosque

One of the largest mosques in Kabul Abdul Rahman MosqueIs one of the most beautiful examples of Islamic architecture. There is also a huge library of 150,000 books in the mosque which can accommodate 10,000 people at the same time.

It is possible to visit the mosque, which was built by Hacı Abdur Rahman, with suitable clothes outside the prayer hours.

8- Omar Mine Museum

Kabul Attractions
Omar Mine Museum

Due to years of wars Afghanistan, has been damaged in many ways, materially and morally. After the city's attrition, traces of wars were displayed. Omar Mine Museum It was established.

In the museum, 53 mine types that did not explode during the war, various weapons, ammunition, bullets and equipment used during the war are exhibited.

If you want to visit this museum, which was created by Dr. Şah Veli, you must make a reservation in accordance with security precautions. Detailed information and pricing about the museum from here You can learn.

9- Id Gah Mosque

Kabul Attractions
Id Kah Mosque

The second largest mosque in the city Id Gah Mosqueis one of the rare monuments built with magnificent Mughal architecture. We recommend that you take the time to see this mosque, where you will find it difficult to find a place to take steps during the feasts and Ramadan, which are important days of Islam. You can send us your thoughts and suggestions about our Kabul article from the comments section.

We have compiled the places you should see in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. Instantly if you have not yet set your travel route most advantageous flights abroad visit our page and take advantage of opportunities.