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Matsu Attractions | 13 Places to See

Things to Do in Matsu
Things to Do in Matsu

Matsu, an island city in Taiwan, is a remarkable destination with its military and natural beauties. With a list of places to visit in Matsu, we wanted to give you details about the major tourist destinations of this island city.

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Beigan, Nangan, Juguang and the Dongyin Matsu is one of the most important cities in Taiwan, especially in recent years. Matsu Islands, with its natural beauties and impressive military and historical history, promises to take you on a unique journey. Held annually in Matsu “Matsu Cultural Festival”Contributes greatly to the development of the city.

Now, let's go to our list of places to see in Matsu.

1. Magang Temple

Things to do in Matsu
Magang Temple

Magang Temple is one of the most important places of worship of Matsu, which must come to Matsu. The temple is of great importance not only in terms of tourism but also in terms of worship by the people of Matsu. All these reasons allow us to place Magang Temple on our list of “Matsu places to visit..

2. Guidao Island

Guidao Island
Guidao Island

Rising north of Qinbi Village, this granite rock is one of the places attracted to the city with its turtle-like appearance. It is one of the most photographed spots by visitors because it is a natural wonder.

3. Qinbi Village

Qinbi Village
Qinbi Village

A coastal town that rests the soul Qinbi Villageis one of the places where especially those who have a long time can spend a few days and find peace. The fact that Magang Temple is visible from here is one of the factors that make it attractive.

4. Matsu Folk Culture Museum

The Matsu Folk Culture Museum
Matsu Folk Culture Museum

What to see in Matsu Matsu Folk Culture Museum offers a very enjoyable time to visitors. The museum, which was renovated in 2002 and entertained its visitors, is a very important treasure for those who really want to know Matsu. The museum, which consists of a basement and four floors, introduces cultural values ​​in many important subjects from wedding ceremonies to funeral ceremonies.

5. Beihai Tunnel

Places to see in Matsu
Beihai Tunnel

It is a cave museum Beihai Tunnel The tours that take place in the city are one of the things that must be experienced. Construction of this tunnel, which was excavated by soldiers with very simple hand tools, started in 1968 and lasted for 3 years. This tunnel, which was prepared to accommodate 120 boats, was built for the purpose of storing military boats.

6. Andong Tunnel

Things to do in Matsu
Andong Tunnel

Built in the 1970s during the Cold War Andong Tunnel de Matsu is one of the most important places to visit in the list of things to do. A 641-step adventure awaits you in a tunnel built on a 30-degree slope. So if you think you're inadequate in terms of condition during your Matsu trip, it would be a good decision to skip here. If you dare, you will have the opportunity to explore many important places such as ammunition depots, military rooms within the tunnel.

7. War and Peace Memorial Park

War and Peace Memorial Park Exhibition Center
War and Peace Memorial Park

One of the must-see places in Matsu is the War and Peace Memorial Park. March 29, 2010 was opened on. The center is Taiwan's first museum opened with this theme. Within the museum you can explore many historical objects as well as important materials for Taiwan's national defense.

8. Dongyong Lighthouse

Dongyong Lighthouse
Dongyong Lighthouse

Dongyong LighthouseIs one of the landmarks for the Matsu Islands. The tower was built in 1902 and its height is 14.2 meters. The building was renovated in 2016.

9. Wushakeng Trail

Wushakeng Trial
Many military shelters await you in Matsu.

Places to visit in Matsu include plenty of military shelters, caves and districts. Wuchakeng Trail is worth seeing in this respect, time is among the places to be reserved.

10. Baisha Port

Baisha Port
Baisha Harbor

Because it is a commercial port, it is considered as an important maritime transportation point for Taiwan. Baisha Harboris a very touristic spot with its view of the clear blue ocean and its unmatched beach.

11. Houao Village

Things to Do in Matsu
Houao Town

Small fishing village Houao Village de Matsu is one of the must-see and tourist spots. If you have time, we recommend you to spend time in this lovely village.

12. Banli Beach

Banli Beach
Banli Beach

Located in Beigan Banli Beach, much loved by sea lovers with its magnificent nature, and Matsu is definitely a spot added to the list of places to visit. Those who want to spend a good time with soft white sands and endless beach should go to Banli Beach.

13. Yisiantian

the Yisianti

If you want to watch the spookiness and charm of the sea between two rocks, you must see this wonder of nature. The unique excitement you will experience while standing on the concrete bridges connecting the rocks may be one of the most memorable moments of your trip.


For details on the city of Matsu The official site of the city you can visit. For all the articles we prepared about Matsu, we recommend you to visit our Matsu travel guide page.

Matsu is currently on our list of things to do here. However, we would like to mention that there are many important points to be seen in the city. These spots are mostly military shelters and natural beauties. We added some of the places with similar features to our list, but if you share with us the places you want to be on our list, we will gladly add the places to be seen in Matsu to our list 🙂