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Most Popular Tourist Destinations in Singapore

Singapore Travel Guide

Singapore is a small but life-giving destination. This is one of the most important factors in adding Singapore to the list of places to visit.

Located in the south of the Malay Peninsula in South Asia, Singapore has a long history and natural beauties, but with successful strategy and right investments, it is one of the leading tourism regions of the world, not only in South Asia.

Singapore Travel Guide

Singapore General Information

Singapore is one of the leading countries in the world in terms of tourism. More than 70% of the population in the country with more than 5 million population is the Chinese. It is possible to observe the influence of many different cultures in the country.

More than 70% of the population in Singapore is the Chinese

Malay, English and Chinese are among the most widely used languages ​​in the country. These languages ​​are also accepted as the official language of the country. Singapore, which is a very small country, is only 622 km2. This means that country, even from the smallest town in Turkey with a smaller surface area. The official currency of the country is the Singapore dollar, expressed as S $. 1 Singapore dollar equals approximately US $ 2.3.

Those who wish to visit Singapore in our country are exempted from the tourist visa for up to 30 days and can be entered after handing over the completed forms on board. Those who want to stay in the country for more than 30 days must apply for visa procedures.

Singapore Travel Forum

Singapore Travel Forum

Singapore has many beautiful places to be seen for a holidaymaker. This brings many tourists to this country every year. If you’re wondering where to see when you come to Singapore, we recommend that you check out our article on Singapore.

What to do in Singapore

Universal Studios

In addition to sightseeing in Singapore, there are many enjoyable activities to excite you. The first of these is located on Sentosa Island. Universal Studios It is coming. We can say that a great entertainment is waiting for you in this theme park. It is also one of the largest ferris wheel in the world. Singapore Flyer is one of the activities to be tried. Night Safari can also be quite fun. Marina By Sands HotelThe terrace pool in the da can also be an extraordinary experience for you.

Singapore Nightlife

Singapore Nightlife

Singapore is a very pleasant place during the day as well as at night. First Clarke Quay There are many spots passing through the city at night which is very entertaining. The entertainment venues here offer visitors unlimited entertainment.

Singapore Shopping

There are many different options for shopping in Singapore

One of Singapore’s most popular shopping districts Orchard road It is coming. If you wish, you can prefer this street for shopping; however, the prices in the stores here are not very different from the prices in our country, so there is a possibility to disappoint you in terms of price. If you are looking for a more affordable shopping alternative Chinatown, Little India, Bugis You can choose such regions. We should also mention that orchid-themed souvenirs are very popular in the region.

What to Eat, Drink and Drink in Singapore

Singapore is a region where many cultures live together and it is possible to see it in the country’s food culture. Arab, Malay, Indian and Chinese cultures are dominant in the country and food culture is shaped especially according to these countries.

Spicy vegetable and meat dishes are consumed in the country.

In Singapore, plenty of spicy meat and vegetable dishes are consumed intensively. In addition, you can taste rich international cuisine in luxury restaurants. There are also branches of fast food restaurants in the country with many branches around the world. If you cannot give up Turkish food, Arab Street serves Turkish restaurants where you can find Turkish dishes.

Singapore Accommodation

Singapore is a more expensive city compared to other Asian countries, and unfortunately this costly impact on accommodation options in the country.

Singapore is a small country and it would make sense to choose your hotel on the subway to enjoy this country. In the country Orchard Road, Marina Bay, Sentosa Island, Clarke Quay regions is one of the places where many hotel options. If you are looking for cheaper accommodation options Little india, Chinatown motel-style accommodation at affordable prices.

When to Visit Singapore

With a tropical climate, Singapore has a very warm climate throughout the year. That’s why it’s okay to take your trip to Singapore at any time of the year. The country is relatively cooler from November to March; but it is entering a rainy period. Therefore, if you do not like the heat and rainfall will not be a problem for you can choose this time period for your trip.

If you want a lively holiday, you should go to Singapore during Chinese New Year

If you don’t like the crowd and you don’t want to have a problem with accommodation, it would be a good idea not to choose mid-December when the Chinese calendar comes in the New Year. Of course, if you like the crowd and liveliness, this time can be the ideal period for your mid-December holiday.

Singapore Transportation

Widely used in Singapore MRT named metro transportation network is used. It is possible to reach many places of the city easily by using this line. Taxis and public buses are also among the transportation options.

Singapore is home to one of the best airports in the world, Changi Airport, and regular flights from Turkey to this airport. This time you will receive flight ticket You can go to Singapore with.