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Top 10 Bangladesh Attractions

Bangladesh's spectacular sights to see Popüler ’10 Popular Places to Visit in Bangladesh‘ ’ In our article we have discussed all the details for you.

South AsiaOne of the most populous countries BangladeshIf you think there isn't too much beauty, you're wrong. Let's start our impressive trip to Bangladesh that will instantly erase your prejudices.

1-Lalbagh Castle

Lalbagh Castle
Lalbagh Castle

Bangladesh Minute located in Lalbagh Castle,It was built in 1678 but was never completed. Emperor Subahdar Muhammad Azam Shah However, the emperor passed away before he could see that the castle was completed.

His son after the throne Shaista HanEn daughter counting days for the end of the castle Pari Bibi died from an unknown disease. Unable to bear this pain Shaista Hangave orders to stop the construction of the castle and attributed the cause of death to the ominousness of the castle.

The Mungal Dynasty This building, which was started to be built in ‘Ğ Ominous Castle of Banglaedsh’ ’ is referred to as. However, regardless of the superstitious beliefs aside and leave the necessary information to visit this castle that fills the eye with its architecture.

Working Days: 09: 00-17: 00 (Closed on Sunday)
Location: Lalbagh Rd, Dhaka 1211, Bangladesh
Contact: +880 2-9673018

2-Ahsan Manzil

Ahsan Manzil
Ahsan Manzil

Built in 1872 to replace an old French factory Ahsan Manzil, It is one of the most colorful buildings in Bangladesh. This structure, dominated by pink, is among the public Saray ’Pink Palace’ ’ The building, which has 26 rooms, has been Nawab Abdul GhaniBelong to the family's exhibits.

Working Hours: 10:30 – 17:30 (Excluding Thursday)
Location: 2/3 Islampur Rd, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Contact: +880 2-57391122

3-Somapura Mahavihara

Somapura Mahavihara
Somapura Mahavihara

Bangladesh Paharpur The 8th century monastery is one of the most important ruins of the country. The largest in the city Buddhist Somapura Mahavihara, one of the monasteries, was the center of many religious and cultural activities in the 17th century.
In 1985 UNESCO World Heritage List’What received Somapura Mahavihara Monastery archaeological excavations continue around and new sacred artifacts continue to be found around.

Hotel Area: Paharpur Village / Bangladesh
Visiting Hours: 08: 00-18: 00

4-National Zoo of Bangladesh

National Zoo of Bangladesh
National Zoo of Bangladesh

The capital of Bangladesh MinuteThe zoo is one of the most entertaining spots in the city. Here you can see the animals that live in different climates all over the world that attract young, old and children.

Within the zoo; elephants, cheetahs, zebras, otters, giraffes, snakes, hippos, lions, chimpanzees, monkeys and the famous Bengal the tiger You can see.

You can ride elephants and horses in the zoo, you can feed the creatures. Established on an area of ​​75 hectares Bangladesh Zoo ’Ticket prices are over 30 CIS for 0-2 year olds.

Visiting Hours: 09: 00-18: 30 (Except Sundays)
Location: Zoo Road, Dhaka 1216, Bangladesh
Contact: +880 2-9002020

5-Sixty Dome Mosque

Sixty Dome Mosque
Sixty Dome Mosque

Bangladesh'in Sixty Dome MosqueIs known as one of the most magnificent Muslim monuments in Asia. UNESCO World Heritage ListThe construction of the mosque in 1442 began in the Tuğluk Dynasty. The mosque, named after 60 stone columns in its structure, is an architect. Khan Jahan Ali Designed by. The mosque, with its numerous arches, corridors and columns inside, is one of the most interesting buildings in Bangladesh.

Address: Bagerhat- Khulna Rd, 9300, Bangladesh
Contact: 01715-857362

6-Inani Beach

Inani Beach
Inani Beach

Indian OceanYou can't go back without visiting the beautiful beaches of Bangladesh, which is located on the coast. If you like to walk in golden sands and swim in the blue waters that appear to the bottom, it is the most popular beach in the city. Inani Beach’I can visit for free.

Address: Nidania, Bangladesh

7-Foy’s Lake

Popular cities in Bangladesh Chittagong This lake is an artificial lake which was created later. It has become the most popular place in the city with its commercial enterprises and amusement parks built around the lake. Foy’s Lake in; You can find rest areas, amusement parks, workshops and shops.

If you wish, you can take a short boat ride on Foy Fs Lake or stay in bungalow houses. You can find the prices of tours and bungalows below.

Foy’s Lake Cruise + Boat Trip: 300 CIS
Bungalow House Rentals: 4500 BDT

8-National Assembly Building

One of the largest legislative centers in the world Bangladesh National Assembly Building, Located in Dhaka. Louis I. Kahn It is known as a masterpiece with its architecture and size.

In addition to being quite large from the outside, the building has 7 floors and all human needs were considered. Where the Parliament building is located 200 acres of land There are plenty of green areas, lakes and houses for the members of the Assembly. When you visit Bangladesh, we recommend that you do not return without visiting the National Assembly Building.

Address: Dhaka 1207, Bangladesh
Visiting Hours: 09:00 – 17:30

* The building is not open for weekend visits. *

9-Dhakeshwari Temple

Bangladesh's national temple Dhakeshwari Templeis the oldest Indian temple in the city. The temple, whose history dates back to the 12th century, is still performed today. Inside the building, there are many rooms, ponds, saint tombs, prayer and meditation rooms.

This temple is dominated by darkness in all the rooms intended to illuminate with the light of God. If you come to the ceremonies at Dhakeshwari Temple, which stands out with its kitten and red façade, we strongly recommend that you attend and see how the Hindu ceremonies go.

Visiting Hours: 07:00 – 14:00
Address: Dhakeshwari Rd, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Contact: +880 1727-218085

10-The Mausoleum of Bangabandhu

Mucibur RahmanThis monumental tomb, which was established with the aim of showing respect and respect, is one of the important spiritual points for the people of the country. in public ’’ Bangabandhu (Friend of the Bengals) ‘’ named Mucibur Rahman, secularization of the country and struggled to gain independence.

Killed in 1975 as a result of a military coup Mucibur Rahman This monumental tomb is visited every year on the day of the killing and on the day of independence with flowers. You can learn more about his life by visiting the monumental tomb of Mucibur Rahman, who has an important place in the historical change of the city.

10 10 Popular Places to Visit in Bangladesh ”which we mentioned in our article, which point would you like to visit most?

South Asia countries are always curious, traditions and cultures are the beautiful places that surprise us. AsiaWe recommend that you start exploring Bangladesh from Bangladesh, which carries all the colors of the continent and attracts our attention with its people and interesting traditions. 🙂