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What to Eat and Drink in Afghanistan?

What to Eat and Drink in Afghanistan?

Afghanistan, which has left behind the long-standing problems and tries to stand up, hosts a certain audience every year, even if it is not one of the favorite countries in tourism.

Before planning an exciting trip, let’s find out what to eat and drink in Afghanistan and enjoy your trip.

The rich culture shaped by its geographical location and history has colored and diversified the cuisine of the country. One day, if your path falls to this sad country, you can be enchanted by the authentic air that will surround you.

1- Challow

What to eat in Afghanistan

Rice pilaf, which gives a delicious answer to the question of what to eat in Afghanistan, is one of the dishes you should definitely try in the country.

Prepared again with the superiority of rice Challow, it is no different from the rice we know. Iranian The only feature of this rice dish, which is an Afghan version of an origin dish, is that it is cooked in a casserole.

2- Doogh

What to eat in Afghanistan

Buttermilk-like Doogh is also known as Shlombeh in the country. In some areas, you may also see chopped cucumbers in addition to mint. This will remind you of the jerk. You can easily find this drink in both restaurants and markets.

3- Kebab

What to eat in Afghanistan

Afghan Kebab, usually in restaurants and outdoor vendors. Lamb is used mostly in it, but you can find it in different restaurants. Try these seekh kebabs served with plenty of bread on your trip.

4- Kofta

What to eat in Afghanistan

Asia meatballs, considered to be one of the main dishes for the Balkans, take shape with different interpretations in different regions. Europe for more fast food classified in culture. Afghanistan is a country with delicious meatballs in its own way. Go to a restaurant to relieve your tiredness and hunger with Kofta order. The taste will remain on your palate.

5- Cream Roll

What to eat in Afghanistan
Cream Roll

Cream Roll, It’s not a local taste for Afghanistan. This pastry dessert is far from home. Austria. However, this dessert that you can find in street vendors or bakeries in the country is quite popular.

6- Mantu

What to eat in Afghanistan

There will be another dish you are familiar with Mantu, it looks like our ravioli in every way. You should try a nice restaurant to taste the mortar prepared from onion and lamb meat.

7- Palaw

What to eat in Afghanistan

We said that rice is a very important food source for Afghans. Palaw also made with rice, meat and various herbs added to a local flavor. This dish is made from brown to brown and has dozens of different versions such as Yakhni Palaw, Zamarod Palaw and Shebet Palaw.

8- Qormah

What to eat in Afghanistan

Qormah (Korma), an onion-based casserole dish. Meat, fruit, vegetables and spices are added to fried onions. Just like Palaw, this dish has many varieties; sour plums and lentils prepared Qormah e Alou-Bokhara or sautéed spinach and other greens Qormah e Sabzi type.

9- Quroot

What to eat in Afghanistan

Quroot, a butter-like dairy product traditionally made from sheep or goat milk. Quroot can be thought of as a sour cottage cheese. In addition to the main dishes, if asked for the interesting flavor of this region, especially served.

10- Emerald Rice

What to eat in Afghanistan
Emerald Rice

Afghans celebrate the New Year on March 31, in Newroz. They even have a special dish for this day. The most valuable of these dishes Emerald Rice. He took this name because of the color of rice made with spinach. You will find it has a familiar flavor.

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