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What to Eat, Drink in Agra?

We have listed the local dishes of Agra, which is home to the Taj Mahal, one of the wonders of the world, as well as its historical past için

“What to Eat, Drink in Agra” In our article, we entered the city's gourmet stops and tried to compile the hidden local tastes for you.

Indian cuisine is considered one of the most original and rich cuisines in the world. Agra cuisine, which stands out without leaving too much, offers a full feast for its guests with its traditional dishes as well as traditional tastes.

1- Bedai & Jalebi

What to eat in Agra
Bedai & Jalebi

A typical breakfast for the Agralians Bedai & Jalebi, sweet and spicy dish. Combining two different tastes, half of this dish is served as a dessert and the other half as a snack snack. Served with bread and curry potatoes. The best way to start your day full of energy and enjoyable.

2- Bhalla

What to eat in Agra

DelhiChaat, which is a very popular'a against Agra, we recommend Bhalla. One of the famous street delicacies in town Bhallais made by frying the mashed potatoes in balls and served with curry sauce.

3- Dalmoth

What to eat in Agra

AgraTraditional flavors Dalmoth nuts, spices and oil. This crispy and highly oily flavor can give you all the energy that will warm you up, especially on winter days. Of course in the summer you will go nice with a cold beer.

4- Mughlai

What to eat in Agra

Mughlai food, one of the heritage of Mughal cuisine. Mainly enriched with dried fruits and all spices IndiaThe national spice is made from chicken meat flavored with curry. Although it is a dish that has spread throughout the country, its origin is important for Agra.

5- Paratha

What to eat in Agra

Paratha, a kind of pancakes similar to the country's famous flavors chapatti. However, the pan is fried and vegetables are added. The country is a complete haven for vegetarians. This healthy snack is just one of dozens of options.

6- Petha

What to eat in Agra

The moment you step into Agra, everywhere around you Pethe You'll find. Saffron, hazelnut, pineapple, strawberry, such as the color of this sweet getaway, where you will find a variety of color, is also very useful in terms of health. Moreover, the past is at least as old as the Taj Mahal.

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