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What to Eat, Drink in Taipei

Taiwan We searched for answers to the question of what to eat in Taipei, where you can taste traditional dishes.

”What to eat, drink in Taipei?” We have compiled the delicacies you should try in the city. What do you say we study together?

Although Taiwanese food has a different aroma, the likes of it are quite high. We are sure that you can find the dishes that are served in the city restaurants to suit your own taste.

During the first list;

1- Yi Mein

What to eat in Taipei
Yi Mein…

The name of this delicious pasta prepared using eggs, noodles and wheat flour Yi-mein …

This flavor bomb, which is actually a Chinese dish, can be found in almost every restaurant in Taipei. We recommend you try.

2- Tofu Cheese

What to eat in Taipei
Tofu cheese..

One of the local delicacies of the city Tofu .. This cheese, which is home to China, has become an indispensable food for almost all Asian cuisines. We recommend you to taste this delicious cheese made from soy milk.

3- Pork Balls

What to eat in Taipei
Pork Balls.

The name of these pork balls Pork Balls. This meatballs with pork, starch and cuttlefish are among the favorite dishes of Taipei restaurants.

4- Rice Vermicelli

What to eat in Taipei
Rice Vermicelli…

The main ingredient of this noodle dish made of rice Rice Vermicelli. We recommend you to try this flavor, which includes starter beans, rice starch and lots of greens, for lunch at one of the Taipei restaurants.

5- Ta-a Noodles

What to eat in Taipei
Ta-a Noodles…

Of course, you can't come to Taiwan and return without tasting the country's famous noodle dishes. Ta-a noodle, This delicious pasta is known and served in almost every restaurant in the country. We recommend you try.

6- Suncake

What to eat in Taipei
Suncake ..

During your trip to Taipei, if you feel your blood sugar is low and you want something sweet, we can recommend you one of the local sweets Suncake …

This food made of sugar is sold in special gift boxes and is also bought by many tourists as a gift.

7- Dumpling

What to eat in Taipei

One of the most delicious answers that comes to mind when you say what to eat in Taipei dumplingKıy The taste of this flavor, which is not eaten with the ground beef flavored with spices, is reminiscent of the ravioli we have. However, the ravioli are cooked in large pieces and boiled in water.

8- Coconut

What to eat in Taipei

One of the most famous foods of Taipei is coconut. One of the most famous fruits of tropical countries, coconut is one of the most consumed snacks in the city. We recommend you to try ..

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