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What to Eat in Bangladesh | 20 Famous Meals of Bangladesh

What to eat in Bangladesh? What to drink?
What to eat in Bangladesh? What to drink?

Bangladesh, which is especially famous for its street food, is among the places that are preferred by those who seek authentic tastes.

What to Eat in Bangladesh What to drink?

Bangladeshi dishes are usually spicy It is made. The effect of the country's cuisine on Indian cuisine is very big. At the same time, a variety of herbs, many of which are believed to be medicinal, find an important place in the food. Another thing that belongs to this kitchen lentil and rice pulses are consumed too much. So you can see many different rice types throughout the country. We prepare “What to eat in Bangladesh? What to drink?”We have included some of these rice types in our article.

Contains arsenic tap waters Because it is risky in terms of health, you need to choose closed and packaged waters throughout the country. The street vendors that you will encounter in abundance in the country do not give much confidence in hygiene, it is beneficial to not eat or drink in places where you are not sure of its cleanliness. If we talk about alcohol, it is a Muslim country.

Let's talk about the prices in the city if you want. Food prices in Bangladesh will come to you quite like other things in the country. Especially if you have the courage to choose street vendors for eating and drinking, you can feed yourself at very reasonable prices.

Now that we share the general information, we can now list the answers to what to eat in Bangladesh;

1. Biryani

What to eat in Bangladesh

A type of rice commonly made in the Bengal region. biryaniHas a very important place among the dishes of Bangladesh. Biryani cooked in clay ovens is cooked by combining the meat, rice and potatoes into layers and blending, resulting in a unique rice. We recommend you to taste Biryaniy before you leave Bangladesh.

In Bangladesh, you can have the chance to try the best in almost all eating and drinking places. We have included one of these places in our list of suggestions;

you Fakrud

Address: 37, South Gulshan 1, Dhaka City, Bangladesh

Phone: +880 1770-883366

Web site: I www.fakruddin.co

2. Hilsa Fish

Hilsa fish
Hilsa fish is very popular in the country.

Bangladesh is also a very rich country in terms of seafood. Among the popular dishes of Bangladesh, the most consumed in the country hilsa is located. This fish cooked with curry and turmeric on low heat is usually served with rice. The fact that Hilsa fish is abundant and delicious in the region has made this fish one of the most common fish in the country.

If you're looking for a restaurant in Dhaka to try a delicious hilsa fish, check out our recommendation;

Ah! Calcute

Address: 6th Floor, Kazi Herritage, House no. 49, | Road No. 11, Block – H, Banani , Minute, Bangladesh

3. Dhal


First lentil soups dhalIs a dish that emerges from the poverty of Bangladesh. Cheap and satisfying This makes it very popular throughout the country.

4. Paratha


Waffle parathais consumed both as an additive in addition to meals and as pancakes especially at breakfast. If you plan to have a local Bangladeshi breakfast, then it shouldn't be free.

5. Panta Bhat

Panta Bhat
Panta Bhat

The rice, which has been deposited in water the night before, is consumed as breakfast by serving with salt, pepper and onion the next day. It is one of the most popular Bangladeshi dishes for farmers and workers in the country. panta bhat It stands out with its feeder.

6. Chotpoti

the Chotpot

It is a kind of casserole prepared with chickpeas, eggs, potatoes and various spices. the chotpot are among the famous dishes of Bangladesh. You can taste this food in almost every restaurant in the country.

7. Bhuna Kichuri

Bhuna Kichuri
Bhuna Kichuri

Lentil or rice bhuna kichuriespecially for lunch, “What to eat in Bangladesh?”

8. Morog Pulao

Morog Pulao
Morog Pulao

As we said at the beginning, rice and lentils are very important for Bangladesh. Made with these substances chicken rice (morog pulao) is a type of food that can be preferred by those who want to meet their daily nutritional needs quickly.

9. Curry Rice

Rice with curry
Curry Rice

Blended with curry curry rice is one of the famous dishes of Bangladesh that you can try from rice types.

10. Grilled Chicken

Grilled Chicken
Grilled chicken

Grilled chicken recently, it is among the most preferred dishes in Bangladesh. The meal is mostly served with mayonnaise or various salads. Next to it naan roti named observations are brought.

If you are looking for a nice venue in Dhaka, sir;


Address: NE 12, North Avenue, Gulshan 2 | 1st Floor, Bay’s Edgewater, Dhaka City 1212, bangladesh

Phone: +880 1799-337700

11. Haleem

I Haleem

This lentil soup is made with various cereals, especially lentils, and sometimes meat is added. This soup, which is very simple to make, is very satisfying. At the end of a 7-8 hour cooking process, a very intense and nutritious soup with a consistency of paste is produced.

12. Sheek Kabab

Sheek Kabab
Sheek Kabab

One of the most popular dishes in Bangladesh shish kebab. The flavor level of this kebab is the marinated time of the meat from which the kebab is made. The longer the meat is marinated, the more delicious the kebab is.

For shish kebabs and other delicious kebabs, we recommend you to visit the following place;

Kabab Ghar

Address: Tongi Diversion Rd, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh

Phone: +880 1716-418129

13. Fuchka


If you want to gather courage and try the street delicacies of Bangladesh, the most likely option Fucha It will be. This dish, which is sold especially in the evenings, is produced by cooking balls made from potatoes, chickpeas, onions and other foods. We can say that these snack balls prepared with plenty of spices are close to Turkish taste.

14. Mishti Doi

Mishti Doi
Mishti Doi

Ne What to eat in Bangladesh? What to drink? Istem so far we have always included the food of the country. Now you are one of the most widely consumed desserts in the country mishti doiden We want to mention:

This beverage made of milk and sugar makes some difference from yogurt. The milk boils to an intense consistency and is sweetened with sugar. This flavor is consumed especially after lunch or dinner, which is refreshing and aids in digestion.

15. Rasmalai

Rasmala of

It is actually an Indian dessert the rasmalais now recognized as one of Bangladesh's national sweets.

If you want a delicious rasmalai meal, we've shared information about one of the most preferred places below;

Alibaba Sweets

Address: Hazi M.A. Gatur Square, Staff Quarter, Demra, Dhaka 1360, Bangladesh

Phone: +880 2-8913328

16. Falooda

Dishes of Bangladesh
in Faloon

Let's continue with the desserts in the country. in Faloon is one of the desserts that you will often mix with in Bangladesh. Noodles and rose water are the main ingredients of the dessert. It is served with some ice cream.

Although it is not a dessert shop, the restaurant below is very successful in falooda;

Bar B Q Tonight

Address: Dhanmondi 27, Dhaka City, Bangladesh

Phone: +880 1763-772110

17. Borhani

The famous dishes of Bangladesh

Borhanide is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the country. A mixture of various spices and yogurt Borhani consumed next to each meal. This traditional Bangladeshi drink is also available in restaurants, as well as homemade ones.

18. Bhaji


The spicy mixture obtained with vegetables and lentils is fried in oil and made ready to eat. The resulting bhaji You can try this snack in restaurants or street vendors. We also eat so widely consumed yaygın What to eat in Bangladesh? What to drink? ”.

19. Chorchori

the Chorchor

Talking about Bangladesh dishes the chorchor I wouldn't have to reserve a line for. Since this kind of food is also made in our country, we think that chorchori will also appeal to Turkish taste. While preparing the food, vegetables such as potatoes, cauliflower and eggplant are blended with different spices and boiled and served with mustard sauce pouring on it.

20. Shami Kabab

Shami Kabab
Shami kabab

Mostly made with beef shami kababis similar to meatballs made in our country. Of course, like other dishes, it is made with plenty of spices and resembles hamburger meat.

What we eat for you in Bangladesh? What to drink? Burada our list ends here. Of course, if there are other flavors you want to see in this list, we can gladly add them to our list if you tell us 🙂

If you want to know more about the places to see when you come to Bangladesh, let us take you to our list of 10 popular places to visit in Bangladesh. 🙂