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What to eat in Dhaka | 14 Most Popular Flavors

What to eat in Dhaka? What to drink?
What to eat in Dhaka? What to drink?

Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, is one of the most preferred destinations by tourists in the country. For those who pursue different tastes, Dhaka is a very rich route besides being risky.

What to Eat in Dhaka What to drink?

Dhaka has a food culture based on street delicacies. So what to eat in Dhaka? It is possible to find many street delicacies in the city. As the city is inadequate in terms of clean water, as in the whole of Bangladesh, street delicacies can be troublesome in terms of hygiene and cause various diseases. Nevertheless, we will include these street delicacies in our list, but it is up to you not to try and try.

Dhaka’s most popular dishes are usually made with rice. The different spices used in the dishes make the dishes become more delicious. if rice and spicy flavors If it appeals to your taste, we can say that you will not have much trouble in Dhaka.

Dhaka is a more suitable place in terms of food and beverage costs compared to our country. It is possible to say that you can handle your food and beverage expenses in a very economical way. Street delicacies in Dhaka If you prefer chain fast food shops which you think is more hygienic, your expenses may increase a little but you can say that you will not pay much more than our country.

Now you can enjoy an authentic Dhaka dining experience “What to eat in Dhaka? What to drink?Let's take a look at our list for the question eniz;

1. Rasmalai

What to eat in Dhaka
Rasmala of

Dhaka is one of the places where you can eat the most successful rasmalai in Bangladesh. Basically an Indian dessert the rasmalaIs a very preferred dessert type in Dhaka. Milk and cheese are used in the essence of the dessert. It is possible to find Rasmalai at all confectioners in Bangladesh.

If you want to try this famous dessert when you come to Dhaka, our venue recommendation is below;

Alibaba Sweets

Address: Hazi M.A. Gatur Square, Staff Quarter, Demra, Dhaka 1360, Bangladesh

Phone: +880 2-8913328

It is worth mentioning that the prices are very reasonable and the desserts are served in a very fresh way.

2. Indoor Water

Finding healthy water in the city is quite troublesome

Unfortunately, the water flowing from the faucet is not drunk in Dhaka. The reason is that the water contains high amounts of arsenic. Therefore, we recommend that you consume closed waters while in Dhaka. Since this is a life-threatening situation, we thought it would be useful to draw your attention as a separate matter.

3. Freezing

Dhaka's most popular dishes are
Enjoy refreshment with ice cream

Since Dhaka has a very humid climate, refreshing flavors are much more important for those who come here. In this regard, ice cream is one of the most delicious options for those who want to cool off. Of course, hygiene should be considered in every meal ice cream goes for. Our advice would be to opt for chain stores to eat ice cream.

Below you can find a place where you can get delicious and hygienic ice cream.

MOVENPICK Ice Cream & Coffee

Address: House No, Shariatullah Bhaban, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh

Phone: +880 2-9861919

Since it is open late at night, you can easily meet your need for sugar until late at night. Here you can taste the best ice creams in the city.

4. Turkish Food

Istanbul Restaurant Dhaka
Istanbul Restaurant Dhaka

If you want to taste local delicacies in Dhaka, you have various venue alternatives. Our suggestion is below;

Istanbul Restaurant

Address: House-10, Road-113, Gulshan- 2, Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh

Phone: + 88-01771-000000

Website: I www.istanbulrestaurantbd.co

The venue not only with its menu but also with its decoration helps you to feel like in our country. Check-in is located “15 July Martyrs Bridge” model, examples from the Ottoman and Seljuk architecture in the space of models from Turkey breeze in the first conspicuous decoration.

5. Seafood Products

Shrimp Kebab
Shrimp Kebab is among the most preferred seafood in the city.

Among the most popular dishes of Dhaka is definitely seafood. In addition to fish, sea creatures such as octopus and shrimp are also popular in the city. The grilled shrimp is a popular street snack in the city. Grilled shrimp is very popular, especially in the winter months when this sea creature is the most delicious.

If you intend to use your preference for seafood in Dhaka, we recommend you to visit the following place;

Fish & Co. bangladesh

Address: Crystal Palace, 22 Gulshan South Avenue, Dhaka City 1212, Bangladesh

Phone: +880 1777-794181

6. Kacchi Biryani

Kacchi Biryani
Kacchi Biryani

If you want to explore the cuisine of Bangladesh is one of the dishes you should try the kacch biryani It is coming. What is this flavor to eat in Dhaka, as in the whole of Bangladesh? For those who come to the city at least once a taste must try. Biryani, which is a kind of rice blended with various spices, also contains meat. The meal is mostly a simple salad with a buttermilk drink Borhani served with.

If you want to try a traditional taste called Biryani, we recommend you to stop by;

Hanif Biryani

Address: 99 Motijheel Rd | near Biman Office, Dhaka City 1000, Bangladesh

Phone: +8801811238040 or +8801791668811

Web site: I www.hanifbiryani.co

7. Curry Rice

Curry Rice
Curry Rice

Rice is available in many different versions in Dhaka. One of them is a blend of curry with a different flavor. curry rice. If you come across a hygienic environment, we recommend that you include curry rice with at least one lunch menu.

8. Borhani


What we can call Bangladesh's national drink BorhaniIs served alongside almost all meals in Dhaka. A drink that resembles ayran, borhani plays a big role in removing the weight of the meals with its cooling effect. Borhani is prepared by adding spices such as mint and cumin. It is possible to find Borhani in all eating and drinking places in the city, but if you want to try borhani, which is not packaged but clearly prepared, you need to find places that make homemade borhani.

9. Sweet Lassi

Sweet Lassi
Sweet Lassi

Another drink you should try in Dhaka sweet lassi yogurt This drink, which resembles borhaniye, is also prepared by mixing fruit in some places. Ne What to eat in Dhaka? What to drink? ”We recommend you to try this special drink at least once.

9. Fuchka


FuchaIs one of the most famous street food you can encounter in Dhaka. Mashed potatoes, the main ingredient of which is cooked and served with various salad ingredients. Fuchka dealers often build their stalls in the evenings.

10. Peanuts

Peanuts are roasted in stoves and eaten.

Peanut just like in our country, Dhaka is also a popular food source and consumed as nuts. As you wander the streets of Dhaka, you can see roasted peanuts on many stalls.

11. Paratha


Some kind of pancake paratha unleavened dough. You can see that many stalls in the streets are made of this bread. Paratha is a delicious pastry, especially consumed with a kebab wrap. This type of bread is generally consumed in the city as an additive for breakfast.

12. Khetapuri

the Khetapur

This pastry baked in fried oil in the streets is among the tastes that can be tried. In the leavened dough, a small amount of veal is placed and fried in oil and helps them to eliminate the feeling of hunger in the streets.

13. Fruit

You can see many street vendors selling fruit in Dhaka.

You can witness an application that is seen in many undeveloped settlements in Dhaka. Fruit specific to the city is sliced ​​and sold in the street vendors. Fruits can be sweet or sour. Of course, before you taste the fruits, we recommend that you remove any question marks you may have about how to clean them.

14. Achar


A kind of fry made of fruit or vegetables. ACHRcan be sold on the streets in plates or in small packages. Grocery stores consume it mostly as a snack. Hosts Achar and much more flavor Street Flavors of Dhaka If you want to get an idea about, we recommend you to watch the video below;


What to eat in Dhaka? What to drink? We have listed the most preferred flavors in the city for you. If you want to add to our list of Dhaka-specific flavors you can share with us in the comments section. And we end our article here by recalling that hygiene is a serious problem in the city, so you need to be very careful about what you eat and drink. See another flavor guide in our article 😉