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What to eat in Enshi | Traditional 11 Enshi Dinner

What to eat in Enshi? What to drink?
What to eat in Enshi? What to drink?

There are many things to discover in Enshi. Enshi is one of the most important routes in China, but you will be impressed by the traditional Enshi dishes.

What to eat in Enshi What to drink?

There are so many answers to the question ne What to eat in Enshi? Burada where you can try many different tastes every day and every meal and have the opportunity to carry your food culture to many different dimensions.

Enshi cuisine is considered one of the best cuisines in the great Chinese state. Spices are used extensively in this city and fish dishes have an important place. In the city, where freshwater fish are consumed too much, especially soups prepared with fish are among the indispensables of the tables.

At Enshi you can try dishes prepared with a variety of cooking methods. The “steaming” method, which is the most commonly used by the tribes who have lived in the city for centuries, is still one of the most preferred food preparation techniques today.

1. Hezha

What to eat in Enshi
Hezha is one of the traditional dishes that should be eaten primarily in Enshi.

In China, a meal that you can not encounter much hezh to, Enshi traditional Enshi dishes between. This dish is made with yellow beans, meat, vegetables and eggs. Hezha fits very well, especially with rice.

2. Hanging Pot

Hanging Pot
Hanging Pot

This is one of the dishes that is identical to the name. A five-compartment pouch contains hezha, yam, sauerkraut, meat and pao soup in the middle. Famous eating culture hanging potis a very satisfying option especially for those who want a standard menu.

3. Jiaroubing


If you love shrimp jiaroubing one of the dishes you should try. Crushed shrimps are made from green pepper and bean starch noodles. We anticipate that this dish will please you.

4. Gouba Puree

Rice is the most important value of Chinese food culture. Gouba puree A dish made with overcooked rice and resembling a meatball. A variety of sauces and garnishes are served along with food.

5. Wine

Wine Enshi
Traditional wines from Enshi are appreciated by tourists.

Plenty of restaurants in Enshi wine You can find. The area offers a variety of traditional wines. Our advice would be to ask for these traditional wines next to your meal. Especially sour and sweet feeling you can taste at the same time plum wine we strongly recommend you to try. This way, you will have the opportunity to compare Enshi wines with world wines.

6. Salad

traditional Enshi dishes
Enshi is a route where you can find quite a lot of choices in terms of salad.

Enshi is one of the add-ons that are consumed in addition to salad dishes. Salads are made from fresh vegetables as well as boiled vegetables that maintain their nutritional value.

7. Affine Cudweed Cake

Affine Cudweed Cake
Affine Cudweed Cake

A traditional flavor for Enshi affine cudweed cakewill delight travelers seeking local flavors. You should try these cakes, which are an important meal for those who wonder what to eat in Enshi, to feel the blessings of nature to the fullest.

8. Drop-dregs of Cake of Tujia

Drop-dregs Cake of Tujia

One of the indispensable dishes of the ethnic origins of Tujia and Miao in Enshi drop-dregs, resembles minced pita and quite tasty. This taste makes this dish a must-not for those who come to Enshi.

9. Bean-Residue

traditional Enshi dishes
The bean residue is made with soybeans.

Bean-residueIs a type of soy food you can try in Enshi, one of the cities of Hubei, one of the central states of China. In order to make the food, soybeans are kept in water for a while. Soybeans are then cooked in a little water together with various vegetables and are expected to obtain consistency. Since it is very easy to make food, this meal is considered as yemek lazy work yemek. Bean-residue, which is very rich in protein and minerals, has a unique taste.

10. Shefan

the Shefa

A meal made by the Chinese people to express their gratitude to the gods, especially at festival times. the shefi. In addition to the artemisia plant, meat, vegetables, onions and rice are also used. In Enshi, you can try different dishes made from artemisia at the restaurant in the province.

11. Mianyang Three Steamed Dishes

Mianyang Three Steamed Dishes
Mianyang Three Steamed Dishes

Served on three separate plates mianyang three steamed dishes is also one of the important food icons of the city. So what if one is to eat in “Enshi? What to drink? Merak he should try this menu. The plates include steamed fish, pork, red meat or shrimp. In the meantime, the food attracts attention with its impressive presentation as well as its taste.

If all these delicacies are watered down, you can plan an Enshi trip right away. If you want to know about the places that you should not return without seeing Enshi, you can review our article on Enshi.

If you have discovered the traditional Enshi dishes and drinks that you have discovered in Enshi and think that those who come here should definitely try comment and what to eat in 'Enshi'? What to drink? Katkı 😉