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What to eat in Guangzhou | 15 Traditional Taste

What to eat in Guanghzou? What to drink?
What to eat in Guanghzou? What to drink?

Whatever your purpose of visit, Guangzhou is an excellent choice for your stay in Guangzhou. South China has an endless wealth of food and beverage culture.

What to eat in Guangzhou What to drink?

In Guangzhou, one of the gourmet cities of China, a food and beverage guide is waiting for you. So “What to eat in Guangzhou? What to drink? Için for those who wonder, we recommend that they spend more time in this city.

In Guanzghou dishes, attention is paid to color, taste and presentation. It is said that the people of Guangzhou can eat almost any animal with four legs. For this reason, Cantonese cuisine is considered one of the most vibrant and colorful cuisines in the Chinese world.

1. Dim Sum

What to eat in Guangzhou
Dim sum has an important place in Guangzhou food culture

Appetizer culture is also very common in Chinese cuisine. Here you will find a wide variety of appetizers prepared with a wide variety of ingredients. In the past, these appetizers sold in cars are called dim sum in the country. These appetizers are among the first tastes to come to Guangzhou. In the past, people from the car had to choose what they wanted, but nowadays it is possible to find many different businesses for dim sum. In the shop you enter, you only need to mark the ones you want to eat from the menu given to you.

For a taste of dim sum in Guangzhou, visit a restaurant offering a wide choice. We've left the address of one of these restaurants down for you;

White Swan Hotel Dim Sum

Address: Nan Lu Yi Hao Shamian

2. White Cut Chicken

White Cut Chicken
White Cut Chicken

Looking for a simple but delicious meal? Then you should try this dish. Of course, what makes this dish delicious is that it is made from naturally grown chicken. The prepared chicken is boiled for fifteen minutes without the addition of any additives and then served with the addition of green onions and ginger.

If you want to try many different and delicious chicken dishes, you can visit the following restaurant;

Chicken Express

Address: No.11 Jianshe 6 Road Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, China

Phone: +86 20 8376 5379

3. Eight Treasure Chinese Winter Melon

Eight Treasure Chinese Winter Melon

If you want to drink a very special soup, we recommend you to try this soup. Prepared with various ingredients such as ham, turkey, crab and chicken in winter melon, this delicious soup is consumed a lot in summer. Dishes in Guangzhou between.

4. Shao Wei

Guangzhou's famous dishes
Shao Wei

In our country as well as in Guangzhou, barbecue is very popular. Especially made with pork, goose and duck meat and shao wei Cantonese-style barbecue is one of the most sought-after delicacies by visitors to the city.

5. Roasted Pork (Kao Ru Zhu)

traditional Guangzhou dishes
Kao Ru Zhu

Guangzhou's famous dishes first place among absolutely kao ru zhu It is coming. A 3-4 kilogram pig is marinated with various spices. This pork dish, which is cooked on low heat using low fat, has a history of 1400 years.

If you want to taste this flavor of traditional Guangzhou food, you can visit the following place;

To To Kui

Address: No.20 Dishifu Road, Liwan District, Guangzhou, China

Phone: +86 20 8139 6111

6. Seafood

Guangzhou seafood
Especially shellfish reflect the city's food culture.

Guangzhou, a city close to the sea, comes up with a very rich menu in terms of seafood. Among the menus, shrimp, salmon, scallops, crabs and lobsters are among the first.

The following market can be for you to taste delicious seafood and get to know the city's food culture;

Huangsha Seafood Trading Market

Address: HuangShaDaDao 15Hao TieLu NanZhan Da YuanNei (Jin ShaMian), Guangzhou, China

7. Claypot Rice (Bao Zai Fan)

Bao Zai Fan
Bao Zai Fan

When it comes to China, it is inevitable to talk about rice. This rice cooked with various vegetables and meat can be tasted in many places on the city's main streets. Rice is very popular because it is an economical method of abdominal saturation besides being nutritious.

8. Double Layered Milk

Double Layered Milk
Double Layered Milk

A light and refreshing Guangzhou dessert double layered milk milk, egg whites and sugar. This popular pudding is quite popular.

9. Ginger Milk Cured

Ginger Milk Cured

Another popular dessert that is common in Guangzhou ginger milk curedis made with zenvefille and is loved with its refreshing feature. If you want to make this flavor at home, we recommend you to check out the video below:

10. Tofu Pudding

Tofu Pudding
Tofu Pudding

If the sweets with silky texture are indispensable for you tofu puddingTo eat in Guangzhou? will be one of the sweetest answers you should try. Tofu pudding, which is a very delicious dessert, is consumed by pouring ginger on it when it is preferred in winter.

11. Red Bean Paste

Red Bean Paste
Red Bean Paste

Red beans are one of the most used ingredients in Asian cuisine. The boiled red beans are prepared by crushing or grinding. This appetizer can be consumed in this way or can be eaten by sweetening.

12. Guilinggao


This food, which dates back to the Chinese dynasties, is believed to be medicinal. It is now better to taste this flavor, which is sold in ready-made markets. After it has cooled, it becomes a brown jelly and is eaten by spilling some honey on it.

13. Rice Rolls (Chang Fen)

Chang Fen

One of the most favorite dim sum in town rice rolls, the name is given to the fullest and “What to eat in Guangzhou?” In response to the question are among the tastes to be tried in the city.

14. Hefen Noodles (He Fen)

Hefen Noodles
Hefen Noodles

Hefen is a rice noodle prepared in Guangzhou and is widely used in cooking. What distinguishes this noodle is that it is incredibly slippery. Roast, steamed, shrimp, soy sauce, you can try such varieties.

15. Egg Tarts (Dan Ta)

Egg Tarts
Egg Tarts

Early 20th century in Guangzhou egg tartsIs a mixture of Chinese and Western cuisine. Despite these 100 years, these tarts are prepared with the same recipe and are one of the most popular dim sum in the city.

At the beginning, the food culture of Guangzhou is very wide and there are many different foods and beverages in this city where you can try the answer to the question ne What to eat in Guangzhou? Guangzhou If there are any flavors that you think should be on our list, don't forget to give us the comments.

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