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What to Eat in Islamabad | 15 Local Islamabad Dinner

What to eat in Islamabad What to drink?
What to eat in Islamabad What to drink?

Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, is one of the most regular urbanization areas in the country. The city is one of the most ideal routes to experience classic Middle Eastern cuisine.

What to Eat in Islamabad What to drink?

To define Islamabad cuisine in 3 words, these words rice, meat and spices It will be. So ne What to eat in Islamabad? What to drink? ”while searching for answers to these 3 words, you better prepare yourself to encounter too much. In fact, from the moment you get off the airport, your nose will be covered by an intense and heavy smell of spices.

Islamabad is a cheap city for eating and drinking. Although there are similar prices compared to our country, we can say that it is a little more appropriate.

If you are not a fasting person, it may not be a good idea to come to Islamabad during Ramadan because you will see that almost all eating and drinking places in the city are closed until Ramadan.

The issue of alcoholic beverages is an important issue for those who buy alcohol because finding alcohol in the city is not an easy task. If you don't drink alcohol, it's okay, but if you're drinking, you'd better get used to it during your visit.

Here is what we have to try for you, we prepare lezzet Islamabad'da what to eat? What to drink?

1. Chelow Kebab

Omer Khayyam Restaurant (address and information)

Chelow Kebab
Chelow Kebab

Chelow KebabIn fact, it is a much more common type of kebab in Iran, but is also much loved in Islamabad. Served with rice pilaf, this meal is a very rich meal in terms of protein.

2. Paratha

The Corner Pan Shop (address and information)


Middle Eastern bread parathaBesides Islamabad dishes are a must-have additive. This bread can be eaten in addition to meals, and it is also eaten by making a variety of snack foods.

3. Puri

Puri must be called next to your meals.


Puff prepared in bread style puriIs another type of bread consumed in Islamabad. This bread is cooked not only on paratha, but on fried in oil.

4. Samosa

Cafe Behbud (address and information)


Triangular samosa “What to eat in Islamabad?” What to drink? ” Pastries are usually prepared in the form of a triangle, but can also be cone or half moon shape. It is fried in some places and cooked in some places in the oven. Different materials such as meat, lentil and potato are used as the filling material.

5. Tikka

Kabul Restaurant (address and information)


tikkais a shish kebab prepared with chicken or beef. Tikka, which is one of the popular delicacies of Islamabad, is one of the most preferred dishes of the locals with its easy preparation and great taste.

6. Shami Kebab

Shami Kebab
Shami Kebab

Inegöl meatballs resembling meatballs and kneading like grilled meat obtained by cooking on the grill shami kebabIs a kind of kebab of Indian origin and quite tasty.

7. Dum Pukht

Dumpukht Mughlai Restaurant (address and information)

Dum Pukht
Dum Pukht

When the taste of lamb comes together with the guide of spices dum pukht This delicious meat dish is called. One of the secrets of the flavor of the meat is to cook slowly, without haste. This type of casserole is a kind of stew, as well as meat, onions, tomatoes, peppers and various vegetables such as cooking.

8. Fast Food

KFC (address and information)

KFC, Islamabad
KFC Restaurant Reviews, Islamabad

Islamabad’s unique cuisine does not appeal to you KFC or McDonald's Visit the world-famous fast food chains such as you can feed your belly with the food you know.

9. Pulau

Savor Foods (address and information)


Rice with meat is called ula pulau İslam in Islamabad and can be consumed both plainly and among other dishes. Chicken is especially preferred when preparing rice. If you are not very hungry, in our opinion for a meal next to a nice drink and salad with pulau may be a nice choice.

10. Protection

Desi Hut (address and information)


The fried meat and vegetables are brought together with yogurt, meat and cream and prepared sauces. One of the main features of the meal is the use of impressive spices. This ensures that the food has a very sharp flavor.

11. Gosht Hara Masala

Khyber Namkeen (address and information)

Gosht Hara Masala
Gosht Hara Masala

We thought that this meal should be included in our list of istem What to eat in Islamabad?.. Mixed with spices and prepared with marinated ethylene red meat, this stew is one of the city's most preferred and highly nutritious dishes.

12. Barfi

The bar is easy to find in many bakeries in the city.


Let's talk about some desserts. Barfi is one of the most famous sweet foods of Pakistan and Islamabad. Made with milk, dried fruits and sugar barfiIs one of the must-try delicacies of Islamabad.

13. Mitai

You can easily find Mitaiyi in many bakeries in the city.


These snacks made from milk, sugar and flour are among the most important sugary foods of the city. Especially good tea accompanied by a very good mitail are usually made in triangular shape.

14. Tea

Milky Tea
Tea with milk

Ne What to eat in Islamabad? What to drink? başında is one of the most popular answers to the drinks section of the question “tea”. In the city you can drink tea as simple as milk, you can have the chance to drink different versions such as sugar.

15. Arak


Alcoholic beverages are among the most ideal drinks that tourists can find “arak”. In Islamabad, arak is mostly derived from the distillation of sugar cane or dates. It is hard to say that I should try carefully.

For our visitors, ne What to eat in Islamabad? What we drink? ”Ends with our article about Islamabad dishes that we think will help them in preparing the list. Of course, if you have anything to say on this subject, we ask that you write us as a comment.

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