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What to Eat in Kabul | 11 Traditional Meals That Are Kabul

What to eat in Kabul What to drink?
What to eat in Kabul What to drink?

This mysterious Afghan city of the Middle East meets the expectations of those who want to try classic Middle Eastern cuisine. What do we eat in Kabul by preparing a list of food for this city? What to drink? We thought that a guide would be useful for those who wondered the answers to questions like gibi

What to Eat in Kabul What to drink?

If you come to Kabul, we recommend you to be prepared with plenty of bread, plenty of meat and plenty of spices. The main reason for using abundant spices in the country's kitchen is that Afghanistan has been on trade routes in the past. Especially thanks to the traders who brought spices from Iran, spices have gained a very important place in the country. If you are a person who likes Turkish cuisine, you should be familiar with this.

When you come to Afghanistan, we can say that you will encounter a full flavor curcuna. In addition to the local dishes of Kabul, baked dishes, fast food dishes, desserts and various dishes from other countries of the Middle East are just some of the sweet surprises waiting for visitors. Street delicacies are also important values ​​for Kabul food culture. For details about the street food culture in Kabul, we recommend you to watch the video below;

Now what to eat in Kabul? What to drink?;;

1. Ashak

What to eat in Kabul

Ravioli-like ashakirusually served with tomato sauce or yogurt. Food is very spicy just like Kabul dishes. In particular, mint is used in abundance when preparing meals. The vegetarian version of this dish is also made.

2. Pulao

Qabuli Pulao
Qabuli Pulao

This dish, which is similar to the rice prepared in our country, is among the most famous dishes of Kabul. pulaoIt is often prepared by boiling it with different nutrients such as carrots and raisins and is especially served alongside meat dishes. Rice culture in Afghanistan is so developed that you can have the opportunity to eat countless types of rice in Kabul and Afghanistan. Served especially with lamb meat qabuli pulau is one of the most popular rice types.

3. Bolani

Traditional dishes capable of

It is a kind of pastry which is prepared with thin opening dough and is very easy to eat. NEW plenty, What to eat in Kabul? is one of the most delicious things can be given to the question. Although this pastry is mostly prepared with potatoes, different ingredients such as various herbs, lentils, onions, leeks and pumpkin can be used as the inner ingredients.

4. Of course Kebab

Afghan Kebab Kabul
Afghan Kebab

This kebab prepared in Afghan style is rich in protein and is among the most popular Kabul dishes with its flavor. Traditional Afghan kebab Although it is made with lamb meat, there are versions prepared with chicken and other types of meat, but if you are thinking of a real Afghan kebab dish, you should choose the one made with lamb meat.

Here is a recommendation for a place to eat Afghan kebab;

Cafe Zarnegar

Address: Kabul Serena Hotel | Froshgah Street, Acceptance, Afghanistan

5. Afghan Green Sauce

Afghan Green Sauce
Afghan Green Sauce

Afghan green sauce, which is commonly served alongside meals in Kabul, is widely used in Afghanistan to enhance the taste of food. Therefore, if you like to eat like an Afghan and you really want to enjoy these dishes, we recommend you to try this sauce.

6. Dugh

Capable dishes

Dugh, a kind of beverage served with cucumber and salt flavored, “What to eat in Kabul? What to drink? Oran is a drink that resembles buttermilk. The dugh, which you can try alongside many dishes, is much preferred throughout the country with its spaciousness and ease of digestion.

7. Fruit

A watermelon seller in Kabul
A watermelon seller in Kabul

Afghan people consume a lot of fruit. At the beginning of these fruits are authentic fruits such as melon, watermelon, pomegranate, grape and Mediterranean fruits such as orange. If you spend a few days in Kabul, you can meet your vitamin needs for a long time with these fruits 🙂

8. Sheer Khurma

Sheer Khurma
Sheer Khurma

Prepared with dried fruits and milk sheer khurmaKabul's traditional dishes are among the dishes. This meal is consumed especially as breakfast on the feast mornings, and then served as a treat to the visitors who come to feast. Sheer khurma can be consumed warm or cold.

If you are looking for a nice place to go for Kabul dishes, our advice is to;

Table Talk

Address: Street 3 | Qalaye Fatullah, Acceptance, Afghanistan

Phone: +93 78 993 4438

9. Jalebi


The Afghan sweet culture is similar to our country. Here, sherbet and fried desserts are very popular. Jalebi well prepared in this way. Circular and standardly prepared jalebile is much more delicious when hot eaten.

10. Mantu

Mantu is very similar to the ravioli made in our country.

Although the place of the ravioli made in Kayseri in our hearts is completely different, it has an important place in Kabul dishes. manti The name of the ravioli will also please you. In fact, the taste and appearance of the mantı is very similar to Kayseri mantı. Mantu is served with a delicious sauce made mostly of yogurt, mint and garlic.

11. Qorma


What to eat in Kabul? on the list for someone asking Qorma the answer must be. Qorma is a kind of casserole prepared with onions and various vegetables. Chicken meat is often put into the moth as a whole, but red meat is also added from time to time. Like other meat dishes, Qorma is served with one of the region's rice dishes.

Afghanistan and Kabul, with its enormous ethnic and geographic diversity, aim to provide a magnificent Middle Eastern cuisine experience for visitors. Ne What to eat in Kabi? What to drink? ”In our article we tried to list the most important players of this kitchen. If there are flavors that you think are missing from our list, you can share them with us in the comments section.

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