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What to Eat in Lahore What to drink?

Pakistan'We have compiled the delicious food of Lahore, which is one of the biggest cities of Turkey.

Ne What to Eat in Lahore? What to drink? ” You can discover delicious traditional and popular dishes by examining our article. During the first of our list;

1- Dhal

What to eat in Lahore

PakistanOne of the most popular flavors of Turkey, dhal is a taste full of red lentils combined with spices. Hot Served dhal will fascinate you with its flavor.

2- Biryani

What to eat in Lahore

Many Middle East and Asia Biryani is also very popular in Lahore. Chicken pieces cooked with rice are waiting for you with all their taste. If you like spicy food biryani is for you.

3- Chicken Tikka

What to eat in Lahore

Grilled chicken meat with sauce until grilled like a pomegranate. chicken tikka Even ours opened our appetite while writing. 🙂 This delicious dish is number three on our list of flavors to try.

4- Channa Chaat

What to eat in Lahore

What you might call chickpea salad channa chaatIf you have more to eat in Lahore, you can choose between snacks. Served with lemon and toasted bread, don't try this taste. 🙂

5- Aloo Keema

What to eat in Lahore

You will also enjoy this food, which sounds pleasant with its different name. You will not be able to taste this dish where the ground beef is mixed with potatoes and peas.

6- Samosas

What to eat in Lahore

Lahore 'diet is also quite difficult. Because the samosa you will want to eat as you try. The dough which is folded in the shape of an amulet is placed with a minced mortar or potato and fried. We recommend you try.

7- HalwaPuri

What to eat in Lahore

For breakfast in Lahore you can choose halwa puriAmong the most popular dishes. This taste, which you can easily find in restaurants and cafes, is an alternative taste for those who want to start the day differently.

8- Nihari

What to eat in Lahore

Boiled beef meat with onions, garlic and tomato paste, this magnificent main course will fill you to fill. If you want to try a delicious dinner of nihari you should taste it.

9- Seekh Kabab

What to eat in Lahore

In this recipe, which is not much different from shish kebab, the meats that are fried on the grill until red are presented with lavash-like breads. If you don't like to try different tastes, we say don't be surprised. 🙂

10- Kheer

What to eat in Lahore

Indian rice pudding kheer, Turkish Unlike milk pudding is made less sugar. Cashew, which is generally popular in the region, is served on top. May be preferable for a light milky dessert.

11- Lassi

What to eat in Lahore

Actually, we can simulate sweet buttermilk. lassi; yogurt, water and sugar. Instead of sugar, we recommend you to try this flavor which is sometimes sweetened by adding fruits.

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