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What to Eat in Mezar-i Sharif? | 15 Traditional Flavor

What to eat in Mezar-ı Sharif? What to eat?
What to eat in Mezar-ı Sharif? What to eat?

Mezar-ı Sharif, one of the largest cities in Afghanistan, is one of the most popular places in terms of tourism potential of the country.

What to Eat in Mezar-i Sharif? What to drink?

Mezar-ı Şerif, which is one of the cities that can be called as the heart of Afghanistan in commercial terms, Afghanistan cuisine with features you can try. What to eat in Mezar-i Sharif? What to drink? You can read more about the answers to questions such as yazım

If you are traveling anywhere in Afghanistan rice and meat You need to be good with you because the nutritional habits in this land pilaf and meat has a very different place. It is almost impossible to find a day without meat and rice in the Tomb of the Sheriff. Eating and drinking utensils such as forks and spoons are not used much in the city and people often eat their meals by hand.

If you want to talk about alcohol: Afghanistan alcohol smoking in some hotels. Not everyone can drink. In order to consume alcohol, you must not be Afghan.

1. The Tomb of Nan

Nan-i Mezari
Nan-i Tomb

Afghan bread grave It is consumed in Mezar-i Şerif with its flavor and saturation. We can say that the name is also mentioned in this way because it is made in this city too much. So when you come here, we should note that you are not likely to leave here without trying this bread.

2. Fruit Juice

fruit juice
On the streets of Mezar-i Sharif you can find many stalls where you can have fruit juice.

What to eat in Mezar-i Sharif? What to drink?Taze One of the options you will encounter most frequently when looking for the city will be freshly squeezed juices. You can refresh your energy and quench your thirst with the fruit juices from the street vendors.

3. Freezing

Prepared with traditional methods in Mezar-ı Sharif ice cream You should also taste it. These handmade ice creams are a must try with their magnificent flavor. The ice-creams made in the streets can be one of the most beautiful details you will have in mind about Mezar-ı Şerif, especially if it is summer.

4. Kebab

You'd better prepare yourself to see the kebab shops in Mezar-ı Sharif, a typical Afghan city. Most eaten in the city Mezar-i Sharif dishes between kebabis one of the dishes that best reflect the city's food culture.

What to eat in Mezar-i Sharif

If you want to eat delicious kebabs in a Turkish restaurant, we recommend you to visit the following eating and drinking place;

Kefayat Turkish Restaurant

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5. Mantu

Mantu is one of the most popular foods in the city.

In our country “pasty“In European countries“dumplingHamur This delicious pastry that comes out with the name inemanti”With the name. The ravioli made in the city are made in larger packs than in our country and much less is enough to get enough.

6. Trash Skewer

mazhar-i sharif dishes

Mezar-ı Şerif is another important flavor among the dishes. This food is an important feature of the nomadic culture. Delicious meats and preparation of animals grown in the region is very practical shish kebab is one of the most popular and most consumed flavors of the region.

7. Mulan

One of the tastes you should try when you come to Mezar-ı Sharif mulen. This dish is actually a rice and the meat is hidden in quite tasty pieces of rice. This food is quite tasty and quite satisfying. Of course, as in the whole of Afghanistan, it is useful to accept the fact that there are occasional problems in hygiene in the Mazar-i-Sharif.

8. Vodka

dishes of mazhar-i sharif
Alcoholic beverages can not be consumed comfortably in the country.

If you want to buy alcohol in Mezar-ı Sharif, which is next to Uzbekistan, the most preferred option vodka is. If you want a different flavor, you can try vodka beer, but we recommend you to be careful while drinking. Otherwise, alcohol may have harsh effects on your body.

9. Breads

Obi non
Obi non

Mezar-ı Şerif dishes are usually eaten with bread and by hand. For this reason, bread is considered a very important food in the city. It's not just the nan grave in the city. lavash, naan, obi non Different types of bread are also consumed too much. Although these types of bread are similar in essence, there are slight differences in their preparation.

10. Chalau

the Chalain

Some kind of stew the Chalain, What to eat in Mezar-ı Sharif? is one of the answers you will encounter most in the city. This dish which is a kind of veggie rice made with lamb and vegetables definitely deserves a chance.

11. Dough


A kind of buttermilk made with mint and cucumber doughIs one of the most consumed drinks in Afghan culture. Therefore, we recommend you to try this drink when you come to Afghanistan.

12. Plot on the Dice

Zarda Palan
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If you are familiar with chicken rice culture in our country dice also familiar to you. The orange and chicken details used in rice are some of the features that differentiate the palan from other rice.

13. Firnee

This recipe, similar to rice pudding, is one of the most popular flavors in Afghanistan. Served cold Firnee, hazelnuts are eaten with sprinkles. You can also try this flavor if you come across.

14. Protection


Indian korma made with chicken. In this dish that will take you to the realm of dreams, plenty of cream and spices are used. Just like other Indian food! Take a plate of korma and hear the sounds of happiness in your stomach 🙂

15. Gosh e Feel

Gosh e Feel
Gosh e Feel

This practical pastry, especially prepared on important days in Afghanistan, is quite delicious. These desserts sprinkled with powdered sugar and peanuts, what to eat in Mezar-ı Şerif for those who are attracted to something sugary? The exact answer to the question!

We have listed 15 flavors to try in Mezar-ı Şerif. If there are other flavors you want to be included in our list, you can write to us in the comments section.

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