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What to eat in Shanghai | Top 15 Foods

Shanghai dishes
Shanghai dishes

If you want to taste the most different and iconic delicacies of China, you must add Shanghai to your travel list. In this city, you can have the opportunity to get to know both the Shanghai specialties and the food cultures of the neighboring cities.

What to eat in Shanghai What to drink?

Shanghai's progress towards becoming one of the most cosmopolitan and big cities in the world allowed the food culture to be shaped accordingly. You can gain immense knowledge of Chinese cuisine in the city or get to know a wide variety of culinary cultures from around the world. This is a harbinger of a rich menu for those who wonder what to eat in Shanghai.

When you come to one of the largest cities in the world, you can understand more clearly that dining places are not enough for such people. Therefore, the food culture on the street in the city is highly developed. So many people packed with food stalls, people are eating their bellies by choosing from countless dining options. This allows the culture of eating out in the city to be highly developed. Here is a nice video about street delicacies in the city:

1. Xiaolongbao or Soup Dumplings

What to eat in Shanghai
Soup Dumplings

If you are looking for something similar to ravioli in Chinese soil, xiaolongbao is a must-try. The dough prepared in the style of basket is filled with different ingredients such as pork, vegetables, shrimp or crab, and a delicious meal emerges in the mouth. In the meantime, you can taste a wide variety of dumplings made not only in Shanghai but also throughout China.

If you want to try this flavor in a nice place, our advice is below;

Jia Jia Tang Bao (Huanghe Road)

Address: Huanghe Lu | Take Exit 8 of People’s Square Station, Shanghai, China

Phone: +86 21 6327 6878

2. Steamed Crab

Shanghai dishes
Steamed Crab

Crabs caught in rivers in Shanghai are steamed by a special cooking method and crab a unique crab dinner that will delight the lovers. In the meantime, apart from steamed crabs, many different crab dishes are waiting for you.

See below for a venue recommendation for steamed crabs;

Xin Guang Jiu Jia

Address: 512 Tian Jin Road, Shanghai, China

Phone: +86 21 6322 3978

3. Smoked Fish

Shanghai's most popular dishes are

What to eat in Shanghai for those who like spicy flavors? One of the answers found when searching for the answer to lox. This smoked flavor, usually prepared with carp, is one of the most popular fish dishes in Shanghai.

Our recommendation for smoked fish;

Fu 1039

Address: No.1039 Yu Yuan Lu, Shanghai 200050, China

Phone: +86 21 5237 1878

4. Beggar’s Chicken

Beggar's Chicken
Beggar’s Chicken

This dish is based in Hangzhou and is intended for those who plan a delicious chicken dish. The meat of the chicken, which is cooked for a long time like 6 hours, will leave an unforgettable taste in your palate. The easy separation of the long-cooked chicken from the bones will prove to you how well the meat is cooked.

If you want a delicious chicken dish;


Address: 199 Huangpu Road, Hongkou District

Phone: +86 21 6393 1234

5. Peking Duck

Peking Duck
Peking Duck

Although the name “Beijing geç passes the city Peking Duck it also has a very special place among Shanghai dishes. Shanghai is one of the best Beijing duck places you can eat in China. This dish will be a good choice for tasting Chinese cuisine and discovering the artistic touches within this culinary culture.

The address for a delicious Peking duck;

Da Dong Roast Duck

Address: No. 5F, Shanghai Park Place, No.1601 West Nanjing Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai, China

Phone: +86 21 3253 2299

6. Snacks

What to eat in Shanghai
You can find around 2000 different snacks in the city.

Shanghai is a complete snack flavor paradise. You can find close to 2000 snacks and drinks on the territory of Shanghai, both in restaurants and on the street stalls. In these snacks, there are many different flavors from noodles to cakes.

7. Noodle Soup with Fish (Yellow Croaker Noodle Soup)

Yellow Croaker Noodle Soup
Yellow Croaker Noodle Soup

This noodle soup made with fish called Croaker is one of the most popular dishes in Shanghai. This fish, which gives its taste to the food, is caught in the Sarıdeniz region and is also very tasty in itself.

For this delicious soup you can visit the following place;

Ding Te Le

Address: 22, Lane 494 Huaihai Middle Road

8. Chicken and Duck Blood Soup

Chicken and Duck Blood Soup
Chicken and Duck Blood Soup

Since it contains some chicken or duck blood, this soup is a popular snack among Shanghai dishes. It should be noted that this soup is very popular in Shanghai, even though it has an eerie name.

Our venue recommendation;

Zhouli Laoya Fensi

Address: ChangNing Road 774, Shanghai, China

Phone: +86 21 6212 1454

9. Tea

What to eat in Shanghai
Tea culture dates back to ancient times in China.

Meanwhile, ne What to eat in Shanghai? What to drink? Istem in our list we think we need to separate the parentheses. In China, where tea culture is one of the most developed places in the world, tea drinking is considered a very important ritual and people see drinking tea as a very special experience. Shanghai's teahouses give people the pleasure of drinking tea in accordance with Chinese traditions.

10. Crayfish


In the summer months, crayfish is one of the favorite foods of the locals. Yeah, it's a bit troublesome to eat. First you need to get rid of the shells, but you can see that it is worth the trouble with its flavor. One of the places you should stop by to taste this flavor iseShouning Road”Is coming.

11. Shrimp


Another sea creature you can try in Shanghai shrimp. Of course, this specialty seafood is found in more of the gravely restaurants in the city. Served on a plain plate, the shrimps are cooked with some cornstarch and vinegar and brought to the tables with the most natural flavor.

What to eat in Shanghai? For those who prefer shrimp as an answer to the question below, we can recommend the special place;

Xiao Nan Guo

Address: HongKou District HaiNing Road 269, SengLinwan Mansion B Tower 3 Floor, Shanghai, China

Phone: +86 400 820 9777

12. Baked Quail Eggs

Shanghai's most popular dishes
Quail eggs in the oven

One of the most famous street food among Shanghai dishes is quail eggs. In our country, these eggs, which have recently been sold in markets, are cooked in the famous food streets of Shanghai in an oven made of salt and then eaten by peeling.

13. Tangyuan


The dough obtained with rice flour is a kind of Chinese dessert served by frying in oil or syrup. You can see this dessert a lot in Shanghai, especially during the winter and anniversary celebrations. The speed performance of the cook while making this dessert will be another detail that will remain in your mind as much as sweet 🙂

14. Liang Pi

Liang Pi
Liang Pi

Noodles will undoubtedly be one of the things you will encounter most in Shanghai. Bean and jelly Liang pi a meal that will find you on the streets of the city. Although this food is consumed in all seasons of the year, it is a very satisfying menu especially in hot summer months.

15. You Tiao

You Tiao
You Tiao

These golden-fried pastries are an indispensable element of breakfast time in Shanghai. If you're thinking about what to eat for breakfast, you tiao perfect fit.

There's something for every taste in Shanghai. What we eat in Shanghai? What to drink? Istem In our list we aimed to get an idea of ​​this cosmopolitan food culture of the city. If there are Shanghai dishes that you think should be in our article, please share this with us. We will update our list in accordance with your suggestions 🙂

In the meantime, you can create your travel plan by visiting our list of places you need to see in order to get to know Shanghai city better. 😉